Puppy Care Tips

Things Your Puppy Wants From You

Your puppy want the same thing you want, companionship. Isolation is complete torture for a puppy.

1. Wants to Live Inside Your puppy needs and wants to be a part of the family. You cannot experience the love that a puppy can give if you isolate it in the backyard. The puppy that drives the neighbors crazy with the barking. The next thing that happens is nobody even wants to go in the backyard because the puppy is crazy and will jump all over you. So let your puppy live with you in the house.

3 Easy Things to Teach Your Puppy Video

2. Spend quality time with me. Make a promise to your puppy you will give it a few minutes of one-on-one time daily so you can develop that bond important for the puppy – human relationship.

3. Train me so you can be proud of me. Your puppy need to be trained. Training develops the puppy – owner relationship and you form a bond with your puppy. Look around well behaved puppies are never a problem. It’s the untrained puppies that everybody complains about.

4. Take care of my health. Your puppy needs routine visits to the doctor to keep it healthy. Heartworm medication and annual shots are important. If money is an issue invest in a puppy insurance plan. They can come in handy when that catastrophic illness happens.

5. Make sure I get exercise Exercise is important to keep a puppy healthy, so take a few minutes every day to go for a long walk to keep your puppy happy, healthy and to build much needed serotonin in the brain for his general wellbeing. The bonus is that you will be healthier at the same time.  Try it you may enjoy it. If you will do these simple things, your puppy will be the loyal companion you have always wanted.

Five Ideas That Will Perfect Your Puppy’s Training

When your puppy training program is complete, you are not finished training you are entering a different level of training. Let me tell you some things that will guarantee that you have a well-trained puppy.

1. Training is Never Done The training is not over when your obedience class ends. In fact, your puppy needs training its entire life.  However, instead of making it a training session in later life you will use the exercises in daily life at home. For example, your puppy needs to do to lay down while your family has dinner, etc.

2. Train 15 minutes Daily Train daily spending 15-20 minutes daily. Do it in a way to make it fun for you and your puppy. The secret is to do it consistently.

3. Perfect the basic exercises Make sure that your puppy can do each of these exercises with perfection and for you food trainers that means no treats either.

A. Sit

B. Down

C. Sit-stay with you out of site

D. Down-stay with you out of site

E. Walk on a loose lead These exercises are a must. If your puppy cannot do these, then you do not have a trained puppy.

4. Train in several locations DO NOT keep training in the same place. Find several new places to train your puppy. Each location will have its own distractions that your puppy will have to learn to work around. This is what we call proofing your puppy.

5. Be consistent This is the one that is most often neglected. You need to be consistent and always expect and require perfection from your puppy. Do not make him be perfect today and allow him to get by with imperfection tomorrow. Your puppy needs this consistency to become the puppy you want and a great member of your family.

Remember that a well-trained puppy is a happy puppy so you are doing something that will improve your puppy’s quality of life and strengthen the bond between the both of you. One thing that people do not understand is that a well-trained puppy does not have behavior problems. The right puppy care is critical for a forever pet and its owner to be happy.