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Keeping Your Puppy Healthy

Home made diets are important in puppy feeding. Many times, the commercial diets comprise food items that have artificial coloring agents and flavoring agents harmful to the dog’s body. Home made food items have the guarantee of freshness in the preparation unlike the ready-made commercial items.

The preservatives added in the commercial food items may not be the suitable ones to puppies from the health point of view. Even in case of renal diseases in dogs, the home-made diets may be made with ground beef, slices of bread, calcium carbonate, boiled eggs, etc.

The purpose is to have the restricted protein supply in the feed items prepared. This should be carried out with home-made diets prepared only for puppies suffering from renal diseases. I add water in sufficient quantities to help the proper metabolism in the digestion-impaired renal cases.
The dog may have allergic symptoms like severe itching, which may not get corrected by different medications used over time. Such cases may get treated once someone changes the dog food from the commercial food to the home made food items.

Often, the home made food items are prepared using the freezing procedures to kill the germs or by adding grape seed extracts to provide sufficient antioxidants to the home made food items. I also add food grade vinegar in many times to the meat pieces prepared freshly. It can enrich all these with vitamin supplements available in fruit essences, fish oil, etc.

Cranberry juice, bananas, fish and meat are prepared in a quality manner and no preservatives are added during preparing these kinds of food items and the dog becomes more active after the consumption of such food items.

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